The stuff we are made of. The energy in all things.

Also known as: LOVE, the Universe, Life Force, Divine, Spirit, God, all of the names of God, but not exclusive to religion or dogma of any kind.

Can also be explained in atheistic, scientific, and non spiritual terminology.

Every single experience we have is light manifested. Darkness is not the absence of light but simply other stuff in the way blocking the light. It’s up to us to acknowledge that which is in the way in order to let it go and let the light through.*

The sun never disappears. It always exists. It is only us that move away from it or notice the effects of clouds and call it darkness.

We are vessels of light. The more we accept this reality, the easier it becomes to notice the light in any experience. This does not mean in acknowledging the light that the clouds disappear. (Sometimes it is as simple as that!) But clouds are beautiful and necessary to our growth. Denying the gift of the clouds is like denying water when you are thirsty simply because you don’t want to be thirsty.

When we experience love- either within ourselves, with an experience, with others, or when we are in the “flow” and creating and being… we are allowing the light in and through.


*Please see post about Acknowledging Self vs over-Zenning (important “disclaimer” to this simplified statement).

Light and love in relationship..

Acknowledging Clouds