To look without expectation.

the dark clouds roll away and

with sudden vigor even before the rain has fully ceased its shower

the sun fills the sky washing everything in bright light.

So I rush out. Sure to see a rainbow. There will definitely be one, I was in fact just reading about one in that same moment!

Out in the field I gaze up, searching expectantly. My mind focused on seeking out this one beautiful thing.

No rainbow.

Enter here: our/my human experience of limited mind and sight. By focusing intentions to see one thing, we miss everything else. In searching for the rainbow I miss what IS there. Unless…

If we/I could step into a moment with no intent of expectation then we become an empty vessel, available and ready to see. Open to allow all of what it actually is- without feeling like there is something missing-  in this we have the full experience of beauty. Here one does not experience pain, lack, disappointment because of the absence of that which you thought would bring you joy.

To look without expectation.

Gorgeous fast moving clouds of every shade of grey and white dancing. Magical sky. Kissing your skin with its wet air. There are so many colors inside grey and white and dew did you know that? Colors that aren’t color but shades of cloud and light. Perfection.

And a NEW experience.

By looking with expectation we are only looking to repeat the same stories and experiences we already know or believe are required for the feeling experience we want.





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